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Customer Service Policies

  • Refunds & Exchanges

A refund will be issued in full within a week of the item being purchased, or a credit can be applied to the client’s account instead for the purchase price of the original item after it’s been returned. This applies to items that have been damaged during delivery and/or arrive after the specified delivery date. Exchanges for an item of equal or lesser value will be accepted so long as the original item has no damage

  • Changing an order

Order changes will be accepted up to two days after the original order has been placed. After two days, the order will proceed to processing and the client will either have to cancel the order for a refund or exchange the item after it has been delivered. 

  • Image Preview System

Any item that the client orders will have the option of being previewed in a space that roughly resembles the space they want to hang it so that they might get a better idea of measurements and overall aesthetic feel

  • Copying and Usage

The client will only receive physical copies of items ordered unless otherwise specified. If image files are sent, the client understands that they are not allowed to post images that lack a watermark on any public media platform. Copying the images and/or distributing them as their own work is also prohibited. Seeking expressed permission from the original creator of the images before posting is mandatory unless photo credit is given somewhere in the post or the creator’s watermark is visible. 

  • Late delivery of product or service

If the product ordered is not received by the original specified date and/or the business owner has not informed the client of an updated delivery date, the client is entitled to a full refund or credit to their account for the full purchase price of the item. 

  • Reshoots

Up to two free reshoots of any image are accepted for the lifetime of the product if the image is a custom/special request. After two reshoots, the price will return to that of the original product. This does not apply to any pre-existing works made by the photographer, only to images that a client special-requests. 

  • Cancellations of jobs where deposit has been made

Up to a 48hr notice will be required for any cancellation of an ordered product, in which the client will receive a full refund of their deposit. A 50% refund will be issued if the cancellation is within 24hrs. No refund will be given if a cancellation occurs with under 24hrs notice. 

  • Payment Plans

Payment plans are only accepted for custom client image requests and photo shoots. A minimum of $50 is required at the time of service/ordering. After the initial payment, the client and photographer will discuss manageable payments for the remainder of the cost, which will be charged to their bank account automatically each month on a specified date until the full payment has been received. 

  • Estimates that are over or under the actual bill

If the bill is determined to be over the original estimate, the client will be informed before the payment is due to allow for changes to be made to the order. If the bill is under the original estimate, the client will not be required to pay anything more than what is on the bill. 

  • Liability for property left on premises

The business is not responsible for any damages that occur to the client’s property on the premises. This includes if the client forgets or misplaces anything before or after leaving the premises. Provided the business has the client’s information, they will be contacted immediately and their items will be stored for up to three days, after which point the business will dispose of or donate the items unless special circumstances apply. 

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