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Catherine “Katie” Malone has been interested in all forms of art from the time she was little, but photography was always the one type of art that interested her the most. Being a graduate of Spokane Falls Community College, Katie earned a degree in Photography and Digital Media Production, which only intensified her love of art even more.


She discovered her unique style of photography, which she calls “Abstract Urban Landscapes” in her second quarter at Spokane Falls and instantly fell in love with it. From there, she has been creating more and more prints of the same style, and discovering new processes along the way. Most of her art is based in Spokane, with some of the other prints being from Coeur d’Alene, Portland, and Vancouver.


She focuses most of her pieces on architecture, but if it has solid lines, it will usually work to help create an abstract piece. As of right now her main focus is on creating a super unique collection of images, which can be found under the Portfolio menu in the Abstract Urban Landscape tab.


The Abstract Urban Landscape series is currently being featured at Blackwell Gallery, located in Coeur d'Alene, ID and at The Bagel Authority in downtown Spokane.

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